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Yury Bylkov

ring"Segments" titanium silver 2012

earrings "Vespiary" titanium 2012

rings "Vespiary" titanium 2011-2012

pendant "Vespiary" titanium 2012

ring "Vespiary" titanium 2011

pendant "Vespiary" titanium 2012

ring "Vespiary" titanium 2012

ring "Poliring" silver, enamel 2010

brooch "Ice" silver 2010

pendant "Deeps" Titanium 2011

ring "molecule" silver, titanium, 2012

ring "move" silver 2012

rings "move" silver 2012

ring "Dandelion" silver 2012

Pendant, plastic 2012

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My art is my life. My inspiration is the world around me. I can be impressed by usual things and this is developing into unusual piece of jewelry. I like to use different materials, because this is a part of my inspiration.


Yura Bylkov, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 - 2004 Fine Arts college. Speciality jeweler.
2003 - 2008 Design Center "IMAGE AND FORM"
2008 - 2010 Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts Department of Applied Informatics in design

2004 3rd prize in competition at the exhibition "JUNWEX" in the category "Jewellery avant-garde"
2004 Competition "Image and Form, 1st prize in " Fantasia " category
2004 Competition "Image and Form, 2nd prize in the "Manufacturing " category
2006 3rd prize in competition at the exhibition "JUNWEX" in the category "Jewellery Vanguard
2006 2 nd prize in the competition "Jewellery Olympus", nominated for "Avant-Garde
2007 Competition "Image and Form", 1 st prize in the category "Manufacturing".
2007 В«JUNWEXВ», award by Italian designer Percossio-Papi.
2010 "Image and Form", 2nd, 3rd prize in the category of "fantasy"
2012 В«JUNWEXВ», 1rd prize in the category "Jewellery experiment"
2012 В«Jewellery OlympusВ», 3rd prize in the category "jewelery virtuosos"

Participation in competitions and exhibitions:
2007 "Mini-Art, Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg | "Mini-Art - 2", Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg
2008 Exhibition Accessories brands " | Competition "Image and Form" www.imageandform.ru/competition/getphoto.php?id=161&l=ru
2009 Exhibition "Itinerary" (solo) (IFA).
2010 participant of the exhibition В«JUNWEXВ», LENEXPO
2010 "St. Petersburg 2009, CEH" Manege "
2010 Christmas exhibition at the Yusupov Palace | Psihonavtika. House of Growth. " Gallery "Kitchen", Belinsky, 9.
2010 "From St. Petersburg and back, Tauride Gardens (personal)
2010 "Our form of" Pre-gallery www.dogallery.spb.ru
2010 ARTZEPT "International Design Award 2010"
2010 "Allez du gallet", Colloure, France
2011 "Relic" Exhibition IFA
"KronFest" festival of environmental art
2011 ARTZEPT "International Design Award 2010"
2011-2012 "VHand in art" Mikhail Shemyakin Foundation
2012 "Ring Ring" Exhibition of rings, the gallery "Art Object" .

yuri bylkov

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